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Why You Should Listen To Me

Rhode Island Driving Under the Influence Lawyer

I want to thank you for visiting my Driving Under the Influence website.  I know that the information I provide in here may be able to help you survive a Driving Under the Influence charge with as little pain as possible.  My fervent desire is that if you, a loved one or a close friend has been arrested for Driving Under the Influence that you will find this website informative, interesting and useful.

I’ve been practicing Driving Under the Influence law in Rhode Island for nearly fifteen years.  In that time I’ve helped hundreds of clients navigate the uncertain waters caused by a Driving Under the Influence charge.  In fact, I have represented good people in approximately 1,100 Driving Under the Influence cases over the years.  During that time I accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge about Driving Under the Influence cases.  I wrote this website because I want to share that knowledge with you.

If you, a family member or a close friend has been arrested and charged with either Driving Under the Influence and/or Refusing a Chemical Test, you probably have many questions and few answers.  Why should you have those answers?  Chances are if you’re reading this website you’re not a lawyer.  But you need those answers because you know they have serious, long term and potentially permanent consequences.  So, if you’re looking for answers and information, keep reading, because you’re going to find them here.

I make very few promises.  In fact, as a general rule I never promise anything.  However, since it’s my rule, I can make an exception.  And in this case, my exception is this; if you read this website I promise that you will be more and better informed than you were before.

The law, and particularly the field of Driving Under the Influence law, is amongst the most complex and often hard to understand disciplines in criminal law, even for experienced lawyers.  If that’s true (and it is), how must you, the non-lawyer feel?  I kept this question in mind as I wrote this website.  I tried to place myself in your shoes, always trying to keep in mind your thoughts, questions and feelings.  As a result, I have tried to answer as many of your questions as I could, in non-legalese easy to understand English.

Most lawers require you to schedule a “free consultation” to learn just some of the information I’ve provided here.  Because hiring an attorney when your very freedom is at stake is so important, I don’t believe that requirement is fair to you.  As a discerning consumer of legal services, you should have this information, right now, in your own home, and without any of the pressure that comes with a “free consultation”.