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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Made By DUI Defendants

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Made By DUI Defendants

Mistake #1: Assuming There Is No Defense To Their DUI Case

The single biggest mistake you as a DUI Defendant can make is to assume that you don’t have a defense.  Falling into the trap of this mistake leads to only one result – guilty, and that is the very result that should be avoided.

As a DUI Defendant, you should to speak with a DUI Lawyer about how to defend the charges.  The objective is to find the best defense for the particular facts and circumstances of your case.  The only way to reach this determination is to consult with and hire a talented and skillful DUI Lawyer.

If you’ve already hired an attorney, then your attorney should be talking to you about what defenses apply in your case.  If your attorney is not doing this, then chances are decent that the attorney doesn’t know how to defend your case.  If that’s the case, you should consider hiring a new attorney with more knowledge, skill and experience in this field.

Mistake #2: Hiring A DUI Lawyer Based Only On The Fee

The first thing you as a DUI Defendant should be thinking about when confronted with a DUI case is how important it is it to aggressively defend your case! You should consider how a conviction will impact your life.  For example, will a criminal conviction affect your employment status or future employment opportunities?  Can you afford a criminal conviction?  What other problems would a criminal conviction cause in your life?

Once you’ve thought about these things you should realize how important it is to hire a DUI Lawyer with the skills and experience necessary for your case.  The DUI Lawyer’s fee will be only one indication of ability.  However, don’t assume that the DUI Lawyer with the highest fee is necessarily the best DUI Lawyer for your case, although this might be true.  Also, make sure you understand the “Fee Agreement”.  Some DUI Lawyers may charge only a small fee at the beginning, but then will send you a new bill for every court appearance.  Finally, make sure you understand the skill level of each attorney you speak with so that you can make the most informed decision about which attorney to hire.

Mistake #3: Not Following the Advice of Their DUI Lawyer

Before a case is resolved, it is not uncommon for a DUI Lawyer to recommend to a DUI Defendant to engage in some type of alcohol treatment.  During the time that your DUI case is pending with the court your DUI Lawyer may make suggestions to you such as to become involved with alcohol treatment. If so, then make sure you follow this advice and obtain the education or treatment that is appropriate to your specific circumstances.  Following this advice can make a big difference in the outcome of a case.

The bottom line is this; once you’ve hired the best DUI Lawyer for your case, make sure you follow his advice.

Mistake #4: Not Telling Their DUI Lawyer Everything

Once you’ve decided on which DUI Lawyer to hire, you should tell your lawyer EVERYTHING.  Don’t hide facts that you think will hurt your case.  If you keep information from your lawyer, he will not be able to give you the proper advice, and you can almost be certain that the information will hurt you at the worst possible time.