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How To Pick A Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

How To Pick A Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

DUI cases are amongst the most complex of all criminal cases.  This is because the stakes are very high.  What this means to you is that you will be at a substantial disadvantage if you do not hire the best Rhode Island DUI Lawyer for your case.  With that in mind, here are some tips you should consider when hiring a Rhode Island DUI Lawyer:

(1)  You should look to hire a Rhode Island DUI  Lawyer who has lots of experience in representing clients who have been charged with a DUI.  Therefore, you need to feel confident that the Rhode Island DUI Lawyer has real expertise and experience in this complex field of law.

(2)  You should look to hire a Rhode Island DUI Lawyer who has experience actually taking a DUI case to trial.  You do not want a DUI Lawyer who has never tried a case like this.  And you definitely do not want a DUI Lawyer who does not regularly go to Court.

(3)  You need to know what DUI Lawyer will be handling your case.  Many DUI Lawyers work with a team, which includes other attorneys, paralegals, secretaries and other professionals.  The team approach can be very effective, but you need to know which DUI Lawyer will have primary responsibility for your case.

(4)  You should ask what the estimated attorneys fees will be, in addition to the legal costs which may include investigators and other professional experts.  While the total estimated costs should not be the most important factor, it is something to consider.  You need to make sure that the DUI Lawyer is not baiting you with the false promise of unrealistically low fees and costs.  Therefore, you should look for a DUI Lawyer who will be direct and honest about what your case might cost.

(5)  You should look for a DUI Lawyer who has good judgment and who has the courage to tell you bad news if indeed bad news must be delivered.  Equally important is that you should want a DUI Lawyer who can explain all of the challenges and issues presented, as well having the ability to explain them to you in non-legalese English.

(6)  This should not need to be said, but you should find a DUI Lawyer who is completely and totally honest.  Keep in mind that no DUI Lawyer can guarantee a result in cases like these.  No good attorney worth hiring can ever promise or guarantee anything other than that they will do the best job they can.  Any DUI Lawyer who promises or guarantees anything more than that is lying to you and trying to take money from